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Ready to meet the POD trend, head-on!

 With the POD Theme, you can finally access the features and aesthetics you need to increase sales via the Shopify platform!

 The POD Theme includes:

  • A unique design intended specifically for the POD niche, built to flow throughout all associated sales and promotional features: pop-ups, sales budgets, countdowns and more
  • A light and clean design - to reflect the young, hip nature of the POD niche and its clients
  • Rapid loading - no more background pictures and icons minimized to SVG files for the purpose of creating custom infographic and brand language
  • Easy changing and displaying of variant images in the store’s product gallery for maximum visibility

All the tools you need to increase POD engagement and sales through your Shopify store, packaged into a single, unique theme.

Documentation& Changelog

shopify theme pod

Theme Futures

שופיפיי בעברית
Product quick view

Customers can check out products quickly and easily with our pop-up quick view

שופיפיי מימין לשמאל
Rapid loading

Your site will load quickly for a great user experience

אינסטגרם תלת מימד
Custom promotion tiles

Create banners, popups and badges to promote sales, new products and more

קולאג' קולקציות
Mega menu

Create an impressive and large menu with pictures and multiple columns

פונטים בעברית לשופיפיי
Advanced product filtering

Filter by different parameters: size, price, color and musch more

סינון מוצרים בשופיפיי
Collage collections

Feature your collections with a visually stunning collage