Print on Demand (POD): Everything You Need to Know

 Have you ever dreamed of having your own physical products and online store but felt stressed about having to invest in large quantities of inventory, storage and more? It’s time that you get to know the concept of print on demand or POD. What is POD? It’s printing on white-label products with your own branding. It’s a very simple concept. You work with an outside supplier and/or printer to create your own products, based on your design. This could be t-shirts, phone cases, pillows, even shower curtains or anything you can print on. Why is this so awesome? Because you don’t have to order large quantities, deal with storage or even take care of shipping. There’s almost no risk involved, you simply need to focus on marketing and design.

There are many benefits of building a print on demand business. Some of the benefits include: control over profit margins, control over product quality and control over your brand representation. Print on demand takes the risk out of doing ecommerce. You’ll deal with an outside supplier who will be responsible for printing the products, storing them and shipping. You can test as many products as you want until you find what works. You’ll also be able to change designs or concepts easily without having to make massive changes to your store. 

Sound interesting? What are you waiting for? Before you know it, your POD store can be up and running. Of course, like any business venture, there are various things to take into consideration before getting started. Here are a few tips:

  • Order samples from potential suppliers. Make sure to check that the products you are interested in are high quality and exactly how you want them. When building your site, make sure to emphasize the quality of the product, the materials, etc. You can also use these samples to take pictures of your products to upload to your site.
  • Shipping - Make sure your customers have clear information about your shipping method on your website. Use the TOP BAR to state that you have free shipping or how to get free shipping (minimum order price for example). State shipping time on the product page and throughout the check out process. This is critical for getting your customers to trust you and move forward with the purchasing process.
  • Use mockups to illustrate your products. This will help your customers visualize what they are buying. You can use these mockups in advertisements, on the product pages on your site in places on your site designed to promote sales and more. Check out these sites to make your own mockups: PlaceIt, Mockup World and Behance.
  • Choose a niche. It can be tempting to try and create a wide range of products, but this is usually not a good strategy. By choosing a specific niche, you’ll be able to design for your target audience and marketing will be much easier. In time, you can expand to other niches.
  • Give as much information as possible on the product. Have a sizing chart in meters/inches depending on your target market, laundry instructions if you’re selling clothing, FAQ page, etc. 

If you’ve gotten to this point, you’re most likely on your way to creating your own Print on Demand/POD store! Don’t have the time to invest in creating your own store? That’s where we come in. We’ve created a THEME specifically for POD. It includes everything you need in order to create the perfect POD store in as little time as possible. Check it out here: Theme POD