Our way to deliver exceptional customer service

Customer service is important, there’s no way around it. All businesses know it, but not all businesses make it a point to provide the ultimate service to their customers, ensuring that they will always be satisfied and come back for more. 

It’s no secret that customer service has always been one of our top priorities. We’ve searched for the most efficient ways to provide our customers with the tools needed to build their Shopify stores as easily as possible and to get help when needed. 

This is what sets us apart. When building your store using our theme, you want answers now. Has your site crashed? Something isn’t working as you want it to? Having trouble changing text or a picture and therefore your sales have been affected? We know how frustrating these situations can be and therefore have made sure to have the best customer service possible.

How do we do it? By using select tools to make us more efficient and accessible. In this post, we’ll dive into some more details. 

Customer Support Center

One of our first moves in aiming to be as efficient as possible and to provide the best support and service for our themes users was to set up a customer support center. We did this using the ZENDESK platform, instating live chat, a help center and using analytics to measure ourselves.

When we receive a live chat, we can instantly see the IP address the customer is using, how many times this IP has visited our site, where they came from, which pages they’ve visited on the site, we can add comments, names, emails, phone numbers and fill out lead forms. Every conversation and every chat ticket which is opened is documented and analyzed. 

Why is this so important? Because it allows us to do our job well and provides you with the accurate service you need when you need it. 

Let’s Talk Numbers

You’re probably wondering if our customer support center has brought the results we were anticipating and hoping for. The answer is yes. Here are some of the numbers and statistics that we’ve observed throughout the process.

zissu shopify themes customer service

We’ve noticed that 69% of inquiries were solved immediately in our live chat! We’re thrilled about this because it means that when our customers needed immediate help, we were able to give them quick and easy solutions. Users who sent us an inquiry (ticket) through our website received an answer in most cases within 8 hours (9.5-hour average). There were also a good number of inquiries that we were able to answer within an hour. The industry average for answering inquiries in eCommerce and tech is 27 hours, so we’re proud to say that we’re way quicker than most.

Readily Available Information

Being efficient is one important step in providing good customer service. But for us, it’s not enough. We want to make information and support as accessible as possible, so that our customers can solve problems on their own, without having to contact us at all (although hey, we’re always happy to hear from you). 

To make this happen we’ve created a massive library of information, accessible to all of our customers. Sometimes customers are looking for a quick and easy answer, and don’t feel like waiting (even for a short time) to get the right answer. Making information about our themes and service easily available makes our customers happy and satisfied with their work.

As a result, the number of direct inquiries we have is much lower than the industry average. This means we get fewer questions and answer faster - everyone wins. We had 39 new tickets as opposed to the industry average of 204. Combine this with a fast response time and our customers always come out on top.

Moving Forward

We are committed to continue working to improve our customer service every day. There are certain statistics that we want to continue to improve, we’ll continue tracking our service to make sure it stays top level, and when necessary, we’ll keep sending customers to our service center to provide answers and receive analytics which help us keep improving. 

We’ve also learned an unexpected lesson while emphasizing customer service: there’s a lot we can understand by the questions being asked and the inquiries being made. Some of the inquiries aren’t even related to our product itself but more specifically to the Shopify experience. These include questions regarding payment gateways, domains and more.

Our goal is to provide you with the best product together with the best support possible. As always, we love hearing from you with ways to improve or just to tell us how happy you are. You know where to find us!