Create Impressive Shopify Stores Using Themes

Maximize navigability, user-friendliness and sales via your Shopify store with these helpful tips

From a young age, we’re taught never to judge a book by its cover. But that’s easier said than done. The fact is, we’re a highly visual people. What we take in with the naked eye makes a deep and lasting impression. This is true of any situation - when going on dates, applying for a job, and yes, when marketing your offering via the Shopify platform.

Regardless of how amazing, valuable or life-changing your product is, you may find it hard to compete for sales with brick-and-mortar stores. This is because physical stores have the advantage of greeting customers with stunning, impressive window displays and other visual set-ups and marketing content as they make their way through the store’s aisles. They can look, touch and try out products to make sure they’re the best fit for them, which helps motivate sales in the moment, and fosters brand loyalty and trust in the long term.

That being said, how can your e-commerce store gain a leg up and compete in the digital era? You need to leverage technological innovations to recreate the visual experience of a brick-and-mortar store, while remaining 100 percent online.  

Shopify themes can help with that.

The theme you select for your Shopify store can help you effectively represent your business in a maximally visual way. Selecting a great Shopify theme from a trusted themes development company can enable you to input your e-store’s information in a format and style that has been proven to appeal to your target audience and highlights your offering AND your brand as trustworthy and buy-worthy. Zissu Themes is that trusted company, and today, we’re going to provide you with the tips you need to create stunning, impressive Shopify stores your customers won’t be able to help but buy from, with the help of specially designed themes.

Tip #1 - Select the right theme for your niche

The process of selecting a theme for your Shopify store can seem overwhelming, but if you look for one that was designed specifically for your niche, you’ll find yourself ready to choose much faster and easier. For example, Zissu’s POD theme includes a unique design intended specifically for the POD niche, built to flow throughout all associated sales and promotional features, and the Hebrew theme is the ideal localization solution for your Hebrew-language Shopify store. All you need to do is ask yourself who your target audience is, what kind of experience you’re looking to create for them, how you want your products to be displayed, and whether there are any specific features you want your selected theme to include.

Tip #2 - Learn your selected theme

Once you’ve selected the theme you’ll be using, go over it in depth to understand the kind of content and images you’ll need to include - and where. Doing so will help you avoid forgetting to replace any placeholders, and ensures the content and images you provide are optimized to make your offering shine.

Tip #3 - Customize your theme with high-quality content and images

Highlight your business and offering by letting your customers know exactly who they’d be buying from and what value they’d be getting for their money. Create content that enlightens your audience about your business - its mission and vision, as well as the team that works tirelessly to provide them with the products and ensure stellar customer service. Namely, write up “About Us” and “Meet the Team” pages or blurbs, and include high-quality images throughout your Shopify store - not just of your products, but also of the production process and team members. Be sure to use authentic images - avoid stock photos at all costs! Remember, a product sale is profitable for today, but selling customers on your brand, it’s image and reliability will be profitable for years to come.

Tip #4 - Create and link social and marketing content to your Shopify store

Use social media accounts, blog posts and other marketing materials to attract your target audience to your Shopify store. Place links to your Shopify store in relevant posts and be sure to create new content regularly to maintain interest and brand-customer relationships. You can also include social buttons on your Shopify page to allow customers to post about their experience with your e-store, and engage with the content you post while not shopping. It is also important to ensure that your social accounts, blog page and Shopify store are all aligned when it comes to fonts, color schemes and logos. Start off by customizing your theme to match your brand’s language and identity, and continue from there.

Tip #5 - Create a clear “Contact” page and ensure its visibility

Most Shopify themes include a default contact page, but you’ll want to customize it to meet your - and your customers’ needs nonetheless. Modify the page to match your brand’s look and include additional contact details, such as a physical (snail mail) address, phone numbers, customer service emails, social account information and more. If you have specific customer support hours, list them clearly, to avoid any shoppers becoming frustrated by not being able to contact you during off-hours.

Tip #6 - Place any partnerships front and center

Increase your customers’ trust in your Shopify store and brand by leveraging any certifications, built-in payment systems, or other services you’ve partnered with to provide. This can be done by placing icons at the page's footer of your Shopify store.

Tip #7 - Review before publishing

Finally, before you click the “Publish” button, go over your entire theme in depth to make sure all content has been included, no placeholders remain, and everything looks fabulous - in line with your brand’s image and in high quality. You may even want to ask a second set of eyes to review your Shopify store, so you can catch any potential mistakes and make necessary edits as successfully as possible.

To sum

Themes can and should be used to create impressive Shopify stores your target audience members will grow to trust and buy from. Follow the above steps and watch your engagement, conversion and retention rates soar. You only get one chance to make a great first impression - make yours count, with Zissu Themes.